Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Everyone I spend time with is an artist.. mostly animators, and graphic designers. I am the only person out of my group of friends that is a photographer (who doesn't draw constantly). Sketch booking has always been a very important and personal part of my creativity... however I can't draw. When I say I can't draw.. it isn't some cute attempt to be humble... I really can't. My freshman year at Ringling my drawing professor quit trying to teach me half way through them semester. He gave me a C just so I didn't have to go through the embarrassment of taking it again. But anyway... my point is since I don't use sketchbooks in a conventional way they take a different more personal form for me. That being said I thought it may be cool to post a few sketch book pages..
The cute little doodles (little toast man, and sassy diva lady) are drawn by Lindsey. Usually while we are out and about and she is drawing on napkins.


sara may said...

i luff your sketch book! and i think i took that picture of jessica from when i did those light boxes and stuff! haha :] oh, and i miss you.

Anastasia said...

You probably did take it, I'm famous for gluing random shit in there.

I miss you. Mucho.

Ria said...

Very neat. I always get scatter brained and have more than one book about. I'm too envious of my bf's actual sketchbook with actual drawings to keep one with any kind regularity. I wish I could draw.

Anastasia said...

Ria, I feel your pain.