Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today on Set

Had a great BRINK mag shoot today! I shot at Matt Plunkett's studio in Downtown LA. I got to work with a great new group of people. Brooke came and styled, Maria & Diana were my makeup and hair team, and they all rocked it! Had awesome boyfriend style wardrobe from Feltraiger. Also,  I think it's only natural that Lindsey appear in any project I'm doing (since shes my lifetime muse), so that was a treat. Today was her birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!  \I also had the pleasure of having Anthony Giantto on set with some AMAZING jewelry and watches... the entire time Lindsey and I both tried not to think about the $60,000 diamond necklace she was wearing (we're both a bit clumsy), which helped us both not freak out and scream.

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Tereza Anton said...

I love the first photography.