Friday, May 14, 2010

My book

My book is still available for sale!  You can Purchase it HERE.

"This series is a fictitious story about a year in the life of a young women. By creating the characters that surround her and staging the events in her “life”, I acutalized a photographic novel, using over-stylized fashion images.I combined a fashion-based editorial with the idea of reality television, playing on the voyeuristic obession with American culture. This series satirically reflects observations of what society idealizes, by employing fashion asethetics to a great degree. Likewise, the protagonist’s perceptions and dreams are depicted through a series of almost-whimsical images. These images are a way to emphasize the borders between reality and fantasy.
The increasing popularity of “reality” television has blurred the line between what is real life, and what we are led to believe is real. Relying on the strength of the visual, truth is assumed for photographs and film. Often viewers do not realize that beyond the simple rectangular edges and scenic views often portrayed in photography, lies a deeper message that is often missed: a choreographed, story frozen in time. The idea that someone had to be standing behind a mechanistic object to capture an image is disregarded, and allows us to forget about the techonological advances that allow us to alter our reality."

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