Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's shoot

Today was a multi-task day... did my own personal shoot with my fellow X3 members, Ria of FilthyMagic, and did a side shoot for my friend Vo's teeshirt line Long Live The Rebel
Today was a lot of hard work, and long hours in the hot sun. Of course it was all worth it. For a long time I've thought about how I hoped whoever was viewing my work saw this as being glamourous and exciting... however... it's not. We're not in some fancy studio, with some 10 person team, insane lighting equipment (we have none) etc. We're all young 20 somethings... we love fashion, more so we love art, and we didn't chose to this type of work this is just who we are. Be it we have much to learn, and many things to experience yet... we do what we can with what we have. In all honesty I've created my most mature work to date with these artists. I know one day when I'm better established in my career I will fondly look back at the days of using my parents spare bedroom as a studio, and packing 6 people into one car in search of a location in this shit ass town (where the cops almost ALWAYS get called). 

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Jen's World said...

Good word. Don't despise the days of small beginnings. Your work does look glamorous and amazing. That's the fun of doing it on a shoestring budget because you're pushing the envelope. Good for you. :)