Sunday, March 7, 2010


Michelle and I, have for awhile been discussing the idea of using military inspired styling in one of our shoots. After seeing this military inspired editorial in Vogue,
we took it as a sign from god that A- we really should follow our creative instincts.. we may have been a little ahead... B- It's time to shoot. So, I decided to go through all my dads stuff from the military and see if I could find some hidden gems.

I love the long jacket, theres small close up so u can see the correct color and fabric texture, but it's kind of small.
Sweet German Baret? I know for me being a photographer, these are pretty shitty photos.. but they were taken with my iphone.
2 different vests. Each has a different back detail.. one with straps the other lace up.
When I was little my dad use to say "Someday this stuff is going to come in style, and you're going to love this stuff". Thanks dad for knowing that.

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