Sunday, July 12, 2009


So in recent news I thought I would take this opportunity to let everyone know about this awesome local store called CLOTHESLINE owned by my good friend Austin. What makes clothesline so unique? Well aside from being an independent business collaborating with artists to produce unique one of kind American made (fuck globalization) clothing, the store has a urban graffiti-style atmosphere selling all clothing and merchandise made by local artists (and some really awesome kid-robot merchandise). And it doesn't stop there, clothesline not only houses an on site screenpriting studio...but also has a seperate amazing gallery space where there are often kick ass shows with artists from all over Florida.

To my Fellow Ringling kids: Why this is relevant to you?
1- If your work is awesome theres a good chance you could exhibit in this space
2- Austin loves collaborating....have some kick awesome drawings/photographs/ or designs that would make an awesome shirt....You can contact Austin and have shirts made (for your thesis? gallery opening? just cuz your awesome?), contact the store to get a quote...tell Austin your an art student...and he will work out an awesome price for you.

^Austin Store Owner ^

Screen Printing Station

533 S. Pineapple St (in the burns court district)

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